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Exclusive Buyer Agency

Signing an exclusive buyer agency agreement/contract sounds like a good idea. Right? Having an agent work for you is a good idea, isn't it? The problem is the agent doesn't work exclusively for you but you will have to work exclusively with the agent. Sign the agreement and then find out the agent is a bum and you are committed to this person for the life of the exclusive buyer agency agreement/contract. Because of this some agents will pressure you to sign an exclusive buyer agency agreement/contract to protect themselves at your expense.

If you are told there is a law and you have to sign an exclusive buyer agency agreement before the agent can help you run away as fast as you can. There is no such law.

Non-exclusive Buyer Agency

We will not make you sign any commitment, long term or short. Buyer Agency DOES NOT require a contract. Some agents will want you to sign an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement which basically means you have to work with that agent even if you find out you don't get along. Why make a long term commitment with someone you hardly know.

We will not try to force you to work with us. We use the Non-Exclusive Buyer agency Agreement to let everyone know that we are your Buyer's agent and fulfill all the disclosure laws. If it turns out that you don't want to work with us don't worry about it, we would you rather find someone else to work with if you are not happy with us. This makes life easier for everyone involved.


Contrary to what many people think, it does not cost anything to have the protection of buyer agency for your real estate purchase on the Outer Banks. We get paid by commission from the seller. All of the sellers here have agreed to pay a commission regardless of what real estate company has the property for sale and the listing agency will split the commission with the buyer agency.

Watch Out

If you find yourself only looking mostly at properties listed with your agent's company, watch out. Chances are that agent is not working for you. If they were working for you they would be introducing you to properties for sale with all of the competing companies.

We will show you only properties that fit your requirements regardless of who or what has them for sale. The choice is supposed to be yours. There are thousands of different pieces of Outer Banks real estate for sale so we do not care who has them for sale as long as they are what you are looking for.

We will use our computer capabilities to search for all of the properties that fit your needs and either make appointments to see some or provide you with a drive by list of everything for sale in your price range and a street map so you can drive around at your leisure and check out what your money can get you on the Outer Banks.

We give everyone a choice in how they go about learning about the different areas on the Outer Banks. There are a lot of neighborhoods that most people have never seen before. Choosing a property to buy before you explore the different neighborhoods means you might miss out on the deal of a lifetime on your dream home. Home shopping has never been easier.

How Much

We will provide you with all the information about the SOLD properties that are comparable to what you are considering. How else can you decide how much to offer?

We will negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price. We will make sure that all of the appropriate inspections are done to prevent the purchase of an un-build able lot or defective house.

We will be there for you during each and every step of the process.

Legal Stuff

North Carolina real estate law says I have to give this pamphlet to you at first significant contact.

Working With Real Estate Agents - Having trouble? - Get Adobe Reader Free. This form explains the different types of agency and how they might affect you. We ask if you would please read it and sign the last page that acknowledges the fact that we gave this to you and return it to us. This is the state's idea not ours. Thanks

Be Prepared

When you get ready to look at houses make sure you come prepared. We try to show you all of the houses available so you will need to be prepared to keep up. Wear sneakers or something comfortable for walking. Most of the houses on the outer banks are up a flight of steps before you even get to the front door so expect a workout. Closed toe shoes are a must if you want to avoid sand spurs and cactus in the yards. Bring a warm coat in the winter, even on the nice days the inside of vacant houses retains the damp cold.

Bring a camera. Pictures can help you keep track of all of the houses you looked at. After looking at about 5 houses everybody starts to confuse them all into one. You can take a picture of the MLS printout for each house so you can keep track of which is which. Pictures can also come in handy at closing. Pictures can verify that the appliances and furnishings are the same at closing as when you first saw them. Closing usually take 45 days which is plenty of time to forget the details about the house you are buying long distance.


These articles are provided to help potential buyers answer some questions they have about purchasing real estate on the Outer Banks.

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