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If you came here looking for verification of the success of Shore Realty by the brand name we carry, then you might be disappointed. Shore Realty is not associated with any franchise or chain of realty companies. What this means to you is, you can be sure you do not become part of someone's quota. Brand name real estate companies are components of mega-corporations and they all have quotas, from upper management, right down to the agent you might be talking to.

Each name brand office, manager and agent is assigned with a number of properties they have to keep listed all the time. The agents have quotas on the number of listings they need because the more signs in front of houses, the more the phone rings. To fill their quotas, some agents list anything at any price and say whatever needs tom be said, just to maintain their inventory level. So your house might just be corporate inventory.

Likewise, the franchise managers have quotas on the number of agents they need to have in order to keep the doors open. This lends to the hiring of just about anybody in the hopes of meeting some quota. This results in the big box real estate companies employing a lot of part time agents who look at selling real estate as more of a aspiration than a source of income.

We at Shore Realty don't have quotas because our business is selling houses on the Outer Banks , not making the phone ring. We have an extensive network of web sites which make the phone ring with buyers.

We list houses to sell them.

We spend more money per client on advertising than any big company around.

We have one of the highest sold ratios per agent of any company on the beach.

When you list your house for sale with Shore Realty you become a client, not just another file number!

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  • Print Advertising - Your property will receive unprecedented continuous exposure every month it is listed for sale. Your ad will appear every month in the Homes and Land magazine, instead of the typical ad rotation.
  • Virtual Floor Plan - Each residence is measured room by room for a concise virtual floor plan with lots of inter grated pictures of the property for a true Virtual Tour and not just a slide show of pictures.
  • Maximum Internet Exposure - Your property will be exposed to millions of people on 30 national real estate websites and with 8 news organizations including ABC, FOX, New York Post, Washington Post, New York Times and Cox Media.
  • Professional Photography - Don't let your house languish on the market because of poor quality pictures. Too many listing agents treat photos like it was still the last century. Pictures sell real estate!
  • Lock Boxes - Electronic lock boxes provide 21st century access.
  • MLS - Your property information will be entered into the Multiple Listing Service, including color photographs of the interior and exterior of the house, if applicable.
  • Open Houses - If the first Open House has a good turn out we will follow up with more.
  • Reverse Offer - Backwards real estate.
  • As Is - Is this the best way to get what you want?

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