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Are you thinking about selling your property on the Outer Banks but have concerns because you live out of state? Don't worry, so do most of the other home sellers on the Outer Banks. It can be a daunting task for out of state sellers if you do not have the right expertise helping you in the process. Fortunately, we have a system set up to make it as painless as possible for those residing out of state. Sellers can count on our experience.

Contracts and Documentation

The listing agreement can be signed electronically, faxed, emailed or sent through the regular mail to you for your signatures. The same thing goes for the offer to purchase that comes from the buyers and any other paperwork (home inspection, addendums, repair agreement, bill of sale, etc.) needed to complete the transaction. You choose whatever method is most convenient for you to send and receive documents.

We have an online fax system the can receive faxes or emails and send them as emails or faxes. Our fax number is toll free so you can borrow a friends fax machine and not worry about the long distance charges.


Everything can be handled from the comfort of your home, even the final closing. Real estate closings in North Carolina are handled by attorneys. Typically, the sellers have already signed everything except the new deed, long before the actual closing. At the time of the closing the only thing required of the seller is to sign the new deed, either in front of the closing attorney or in front of a Notary Public. It is cheaper for you to have the attorney send you all of the necessary paper work by overnight delivery than it is for you to drive down here to sign a pile of papers. There are Notary Publics everywhere and overnight delivery is cheaper than gas.

The only reason you might have to come back down is to empty the owners lockup and remove any personal items that do not go with the house. If the closing day is not convenient for your schedule you can come down anytime that is convenient and get your stuff. If you want, you can meet with the attorney at that time and sign the paperwork and let the attorney hold it until the actual day of closing or let the attorney overnight the paperwork to you.

If a problem arises at the last minute you can count on us to solve it. Our experience will allow you the comfort of worry-free selling from your home.

Sellers Choice

It is your choice. You can come down to closing and sign the deed in front of the attorney and go home with a bank check or you can stay home and have your money delivered to you or wired to your account. Long distance transactions have become so much easier with all the new technology available. Plan your last visit around your schedule and not around the schedule of the closing attorney.

At this stage of the process, there are sellers who never see their house again.

Choosing an Agent



  • Print Advertising - Your property will receive unprecedented continuous exposure every month it is listed for sale. Your ad will appear every month in the Homes and Land magazine, instead of the typical ad rotation.
  • Virtual Floor Plan - Each residence is measured room by room for a concise virtual floor plan with lots of inter grated pictures of the property for a true Virtual Tour and not just a slide show of pictures.
  • Maximum Internet Exposure - Your property will be exposed to millions of people on 30 national real estate websites and with 8 news organizations including ABC, FOX, New York Post, Washington Post, New York Times and Cox Media.
  • Professional Photography - Don't let your house languish on the market because of poor quality pictures. Too many listing agents treat photos like it was still the last century. Pictures sell real estate!
  • Lock Boxes - Electronic lock boxes provide 21st century access.
  • MLS - Your property information will be entered into the Multiple Listing Service, including color photographs of the interior and exterior of the house, if applicable.
  • Open Houses - If the first Open House has a good turn out we will follow up with more.
  • Reverse Offer - Backwards real estate.
  • As Is - Is this the best way to get what you want?

The Offer

The Closing

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