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Real estate commissions have always been negotiable. This is why we start our commission to list a property for sale at 5% of the sales price. If you would like to negotiate this fee we would be happy to talk to you about it.

Lately, we have been coming off of the 5% commission and have been agreeing to commissions as high as 6%. The strategy here is that the fee gets split between Shore Realty and the buyer's agent. 90% of all sales are made through cooperating with other companies. Typically, Shore Realty gets 2.5% and the other side gets 2.5%.

If you list at 6% (ouch) then we can take our 2.5% and give 3.5% to the other company. You pay what you probably expected to pay and your house gets a lot more attention from the buyer's agent at the other companies. The psychology behind this is too complicated to talk about here, so give us call at 800-647-1868 or sign up for Your Home's Value.



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